Frequently Asked Questions

Key Dates for 2020 Competition

  • Registration Period .          Sept 1 – Dec 10 2019
  • Last Day to edit entries     Dec 31 2019
  • Entry receipt window         Jan 13 – 24 2020
  • Competition                         Feb 7 – 9 2020

Q: We can’t send brewery team members to the event, can we still compete?

This is a closed event for judges only. No need to send reps, only beer.

Q: What’s the best way to pay? Do I have to use PayPal?

A: PayPal is how we accept debit/credit cards, but feel free to either send us a check or complete a bank transfer. Just email us at for routing and address info.

Q: Can I ship beer to your competition if I don’t distribute to Oregon?

A: Yes. Beers submitted to the competition are for analysis and not for sale or public consumption.  

Q: Which containers are acceptable?

A: Capped or Cork & Cage bottles from 11oz/375ml up to 750ml, cans up to 32oz including Crowlers. 32oz growlers are acceptable, but we believe screw-top growlers are risky for your beer’s quality. No 64oz growlers will be accepted for judging.

Q: When should I send my entries?

A: Beers must arrive in Bend between January 13th and January 24th, 2020. Beer arriving later than January 24th, 2020 may not be judged, at BoCBA’s discretion.

No revisions to entries, tasting notes, or other information will be allowed after December 31st, 2019.

BoCBA is not responsible for any aspect of judging or beer handling for entries which arrive late or with unapproved information changes. If you have any shipping issues, please contact Ryan Sharp at 425-679-9011 or

If you decide not to ship one or more entries, please notify us at  Missing beer causes delays in receiving and messes with our OCD.

All regulatory and financial burdens associated with submitting samples to the Best of Craft Beer Awards are the sole responsibility of the entering brewery. C.O.D shipments will not be accepted.

Q: How should I label my entries?

A: We will provide an entry label for you to print which will include the entry info and a barcode for tracking on our end.  If you have problems printing or using our labels, please contact us at Any alternate labeling method must meet all 3 of these requirements:

  1. Adherence to the container- firmly attach the identifying info to the bottle or can.
  2. Legibility- use a plain font or meticulous handwriting
  3. Moisture resistance- in the event of breakage, labels of the surviving containers should not become damaged or illegible due to moisture

Q: How should I pack my beer for shipment?

A: In our experience, specialized bottle shipping materials (molded foam or pulp, Spirited Shipper type inserts) perform best, but it’s also possible to pack an Armageddon-proof box with sturdy cardboard and on-hand good cushioning material, but please NO PACKING PEANUTS.

Pack based on the worst-case scenario; boxes in transit can encounter tipping, dropping, and the weight of other packages on top of yours. Place all bottles/cans in the same direction and cushion with sufficient packing material between each container and also between containers and the outer wall.

Creating a waterproof barrier around the containers is also advised. Whether it’s a trash bag around an inner carton or each container in its own ziploc bag, we recommend some cheap insurance against one broken/leaking container derailing the whole shipment.

If samples break and replacement samples do not arrive prior to the competition, these beers may not be judged. No entry fees are refunded due to breakage/loss in transit. Additional shipping costs due to breakage in transit are the sole responsibility of the brewery.

Q: Where should I send my entries?

A: Send your entries (bottles/cans/growlers) to:

Mount Bachelor Village Resort

Attn: Hank – BoCBA

19717 Mt Bachelor Drive

Bend OR 97701


If you are local to the competition and dropping off your beer rather than shipping, please contact to make arrangements.

Q: How much should I send?

A: For entries in the following styles:

  1. American-Style Pale Ale
  2. Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
  3. American-Style Strong Pale Ale
  4. Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale
  5. American- Style India Pale Ale
  6. Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale
  7. Imperial or Double India Pale Ale
  8. Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale
  9. American-Style Sour Beer
  10. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer
  11. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout
  12. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer
  • Qty. 6 bottles/cans under 22oz OR
  • Qty. 5 bottles/cans/growlers of 22oz to 33.8oz size

For all other categories:

  • Qty. 5 bottles/cans under 22oz OR
  • Qty. 4 bottles/cans/growlers of 22oz to 33.8oz size

Entries received with less than the necessary quantity may not be judged.

Packing and shipping materials sent to the competition cannot be returned, including the primary vessel and any coolers or other packaging.

Q: What do you want for tasting notes?

A: Tasting notes should inform judges of any specialty ingredients or processes without setting expectations. In general, references to brands (either your own brewery/beer names or those of ingredients used), geographic locations, or sensory adjectives are inappropriate in a competition setting. We reserve the right to edit tasting notes or withhold them altogether.

Q: The company I own or work for has multiple locations, each with their own TTB notice. Can each location enter beers?

A: Yes, each location can enter the maximum (10) number of beers, as long as they are registered separately under their own location and TTB number. Entries must be unique across locations (breweries may not enter the same beer produced in different locations).