Samples, Packaging & Shipping - Best of Craft Beer Awards


We've made this super simple. For the Fresh Hop sessions:

11.2oz (330mL) - 15.9oz (470mL) Five (5) containers are required*
16oz (475mL) - 32oz (~1L) Four (4) containers are required*

*Sending less than the required container quantities may result in a brewery's beer not being judged
** If containers are damaged in transit, competition organizers may advise on whether to send additional samples or (at their discretion) allow a lesser container quantity to be judged


- Package your bottles and cans for rough transit. AVOID PACKING PEANUTS.

- A packing list is preferred. Include quantity, container type, and beer name.

- Our recommended shipping containers are WHALE PODS. We've never received damaged samples sent in these.


Early Harvest Session

– Samples must arrive in Sisters, OR by Friday, Sept 22, 2023

– Send samples to:
Three Creeks Brewing Tasting Room
Attn: BoCBA
265 E. Barclay Dr.
Sisters, OR 97759

Late Harvest Session

– Samples must arrive in Yakima, WA by Friday, Oct 13, 2023

– Send samples to:
Single Hill Brewing
Attn: BoCBA
102 N. Naches Ave.
Yakima, WA 98901

– Samples arriving later than 9/22 in Oregon or 10/13 in Washington may not be judged, at BoCBA’s discretion

– BoCBA is not responsible for any aspect of judging or beer handling for samples which arrive late or with unapproved information changes

Want to join in the fun?

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